How to Transport Furniture to a House?

10th June 2018

Decided to move? It’s possible that the next step will leave you in a bit of a shock, as you stand in the middle of a crammed apartment.

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Dismantle slowly and carefully the family Sofa.

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 While packing, you may reach a point where you will stare speechless at the realization that you have an enormous amount of equipment to handle and transport, specifically very big furniture that only by miracle fit to its current position in the first place. Naturally, miracles don’t happen twice. This is why you will need the aid of a professional moving service from a moving company.

A moving company uses a crew of professional carriers who know how to safely load, transport and unload large furniture, small furniture, tender furniture and even very fragile furniture, from place to place. A professional moving crew is able to take out and bring in any type of furniture from and to any place. Meaning, even if you have a huge 3 seat sofa located in a small apartment inside a joint building with a crowded stairway, some moving companies employ very skilled people who are able to perform such tasks.

Still Wondering How To Transport Furniture To A New Apartment?

As aforementioned, when you hire a professional moving service, you receive a professional crew of movers skilled and trained enough to know all the various loading and unloading methods for all existing furniture and equipment types.

Professional moving crews use various methods that allow them to take out and bring in equipment from and to anywhere, while keeping it whole and safe even during transportation.

A very common method used by most big moving company crews is disassembling & assembling of transported furniture. In the case where the furniture is too big to be taken out safely through a stairway or through any other access point, the movers will choose to professionally disassemble the furniture, transport it in this form, and reassemble it in its new residence.

Another method to extract large furniture is through a large window, through which the furniture is being pulled out in its original form. If the apartment is located on a high floor, a crane or other heavy machinery is used to lower the furniture through the window onto safe ground.

The professional moving crew is also responsible for safe transportation of the furniture, and here lies the proof of the crew’s real skill and professionalism. While loading equipment, the moving crew has to meticulously plan the order of the load and the method of the arrangement of furniture, so that the furniture is safely held in place during the entire ride to its new destination. The corners of the furniture and various air pockets require padding, to avoid furniture from falling and breaking during the ride.

If you’re still wondering how to transport furniture to a new apartment, you may consult your potential moving company, and hear about their own private methods on how to do this safely.