New Business Transport

15th June 2018

Congratulations! You decided opening a new business, shop, factory or office, and you need equipment transportation to your new business.

Most people bring equipment, dispersed in various locations like stores, manufacturing factories, carpentry workshops, furniture shops, while some equipment hasn’t even been purchased yet.

Dispersed equipment transport to a new business takes longer than an active business’ equipment transport. Such a thing should be taken into account while preparing the transport schedule as well as the business launching date.

Since you would probably prefer opening the business as soon as possible, and start receiving clients, we would suggest you allot the necessary time for the move and not begin work before you have all the required equipment; this would enable you to provide the best service for your clients. First impression does have an important impact, and second chances might not be granted if it is negative; an improvised and partial service might convey a lack of seriousness.

Prepare a list of all required equipment for your business, in order to begin work, and to provide the best service for your customers. Write on each box its assigned person and schedule, and do your best to coordinate the arrival of all equipment within a day or two at the most. During these couple of days, remain at the location to receive all movers.

It’s best to guide each mover to assemble the equipment at its designated spot, to save time and extra work.

Prepare In Advance

The same equipment list should also include little necessary equipment to be purchased, such as stationary, office supplies, and food and water supplies for the first few days.

Make sure to purchase all equipment in advance, pack it in boxes, and write on each box what it contains. Make sure to transport the boxes to the new business as soon as possible; having equipment immediately available to you will make your work easier.

In addition, set up the necessary business infrastructure in advance. Order the necessary things, such as phone lines and internet, as well as computer installation, television, cable TV, and water purifier. It’s best to order all for the same day; this way you will be able to resume work immediately after the move.

In order to begin work properly, it’s recommended to prepare in advance some work procedures. Whether you are hiring employees or not, list what you must do on each day and create a work schedule, such as voice mail, email address for customer service, an online website, register opening and closing times and so forth. Every business establishment, of any size, needs work procedures.